Atlantic City Casinos

If you are heading to Atlantic City, you won’t be short of a casino or two but you will want to find the best casinos as quickly as possible. All of these Atlantic City casinos are well worth playing at.

Bally’s Atlantic City

One of the things that you’ll find about the Bally’s Atlantic City casino is the fact that they provide a great range of value casino options. They are very proud of the fact that their slot prices are very low and at the weekend they provide a range of slots for free. This is by far from the biggest casino you will find in Atlantic City but it may be the perfect choice for the cautious or novice gambler.

The casino sites in well alongside the various areas and entertainment options provided by Bally’s Atlantic City, making this a great choice for all of the family.

Bally’s Atlantic City venue also welcomes major artists from the decades gone by providing an enjoyable and entertaining cabaret performance for guests and visitors. One example of their summer 2013 shows features Sheena Easton, former 80s star on both sides of the Atlantic, who is appearing for a very reasonable $20.

Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa

The Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa was at the forefront of the New Jersey casino development when it opened in 2003 and it has been at the centre of the destination ever since. If you love casino games, this venue has everything you could need and a whole lot more beside.

There are close to 3,500 slot machines and you will be able to enjoy over 250 different table games! The poker room at the Borgata is the largest in all of Atlantic City so if you are a keen poker fan, there will be no finer place to play than here. Players can also fully enjoy games like Sic Bo, Pai Gow, blackjack and of course, roulette.

The reputation of this casino goes before it and the huge names they pulled in to mark their 10th anniversary indicates that this is a place that people want to be in Atlantic City.

Caesars Atlantic City

With such a famous name, Caesars in Atlantic City have a lot to live up to but the fact that this venue is considered to be one of the best in the area says a lot for what it is has to offer. It has every traditional and much-loved casino game you can think of but this Caesars has moved with the times too.

You can find this in the Rapid Roulette game where players can enjoy the fast action of roulette at an even quicker pace than normal! The casino utilises table games and video screen games to provide a wide range of casino options and to ensure that the pace is up to the standard that every player wants to play at. No matter you casino experience or knowledge, Caesars Atlantic City has something to offer.

Golden Nugget Atlantic City

The Golden Nugget in Atlantic City wants you to enjoy as many of your favourite games as possible and provides two main levels of casino fun. The main floor is spread over 65,000 square feet and the separate poker room provides a further 15,000 square feet for you to play on. The poker offerings make a big impression on guests and there is something for everyone.

The casual player will be drawn to the Texas Hold ‘Em offerings but with games like Flop poker, Let It Ride poker, Mississippi Stud poker and a whole lot more besides, every poker player can find a home at the Golden Nugget Atlantic City casino.

The main casino floor provides blackjack, baccarat, craps, roulette and a whole lot more, ensuring that every gamer will find plenty of tables and great games to enjoy. The Golden Nugget is a prestigious casino name and the Atlantic City version lives up to the reputation.

Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City

The Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City has something for everyone and the full range of slots are ideal for seasons players and novice casino fans alike. This isn’t hard to do when there are over 2,300 reel and video slots to choose from and if you love playing games based on the TV, film and music stars that you know and love, this is the casino for you. You will find CSI, Pawn Stars, Spiderman and even Michael Jackson slots to choose from. The Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City has been impressing guests and casino players for more than a quarter of a century and they don’t look like letting anyone down just yet.

Video poker is also big at the Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City so if you know the rules but don’t like the cut and thrust of taking players on, you will love what this resort offers you. You will find that this casino provides the best range of video poker options in the entire area.

Resort’s Casino Hotel

The Resort’s Casino Hotel in Atlantic City likes to provide a lot of fun for all of their guests and the Margaritaville casino is a perfect example of this. The casino stretches out over 17,400 square feet in the hotel and you will find a number of fun elements that capture the theme of the place perfectly. You will find plenty of bartenders dressed to the nines servicing up all manner of cocktails. However, you don’t need to drink to have a good time as there is a coffee shop in Margaritaville too.

However, it is the casino options that people want to know about and there are plenty of great gaming options available here too. There are 160 different slot machines and if you are looking for slots with a twist of additional fun, there 12 table game options all of which come with a Margaritaville feel, helping you to have excitement around the clock.


When you have a casino claiming to be offering a revolutionary way to play, people are going to need to see proof of this or they will turn away very quickly. The Revel Casino in Atlantic City definitely provides a very modern and up-to-date twist on the standard casino resort and if you are looking for the next level of casino fun and entertainment, there is a lot to enjoy here.

There is a great reliance on digital playing platforms but for those who are looking to experience the traditional table games, there is a lot on offer. Slots are feature highly so it is not as if this is a casino setting like you have never seen before but there are new ways to enjoy what is on offer. The Revel Casino in Atlantic City may not have the biggest name but they do have a reputation that stands them apart from their peers.

Showboat Atlantic City

While there may be nothing innovative or original about what the Showboat Atlantic City casino has to offer, this is not a problem. The venue is the ideal location for people in the local area and no matter what sort of casino game you are looking for what experience of casino games you have, there will be something for you on the Showboat!

Slots are by far the most popular casino game in Atlantic City and you’ll be delighted with the wide range of reel and video slots on offer at the Showboat Atlantic City. Add to this all of the key table and a strong poker showing and you’ll start to see that the Showboat Atlantic City has something to offer for everyone. The venue offers up big promotions and with video poker, you can utilise your poker skills without having to engage with the other casino players, if you would rather not!

Tropicana Casino and Resort

The fact that Tropicana Casino and Resort has been voted the “luckiest casino” in Atlantic City by Casino Player magazine for a number of years is enough to make plenty of casino fans flock to this venue. There is nothing like having Lady Luck sitting beside you when you engage in casino games and there are plenty of games on offer at the Tropicana.

You will find over 2,600 slot games on offer and there are also 170 table games, which mean that no matter what casino game you like, you can find it here. There are even plenty of poker games on offer for people to enjoy so whatever game you want to get lucky with, the Tropicana is the place to be. The venue also offers a wide range of Asian casino games and with a full casino calendar displayed on their website, you can plan ahead with ease at the Tropicana.

Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino

Whether you are a guest at the prestigious Trump Plaza hotel or not, the casino is one of the most exciting and impressive you will find in Atlantic City. Players that love traditional casino games such as baccarat, craps, blackjack and roulette will have a lot to enjoy but there are also more exciting and exotic offerings such as Tiles or Pai Gow Poker. The Trump Plaza Casino has something for everyone and slots lovers will be impressed by the fact that there more than 1,500 slots to choose from.

The main casino floor is the place to find the newest slots on the market, with over 100 displayed for players to enjoy. If you like being at the cutting edge of casino and slots gaming, this venue is likely to be the place you want to be. You also get to enjoy the world famous Trump hospitality too, giving you one more reason to visit here.

Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort

The Taj Mahal Casino resort has a big name to live up to but the vast majority of players, guests and visitors will agree that there is something special about this Trump venue. There are more than 2,500 slot machines to play on which gives a huge level of choice for all casino players. Even if you think that you have played all of the slot games that Atlantic City has to offer, Trump Taj Mahal can boast of having 400 new slot games on offer. However, if table games are of more interest to you, you will find close to 200 table games in this resort too. The resort also has a great reputation for poker and the smoke free room for poker is currently the home of the United States Poker Championship. Throw in a charming baccarat pit and the Trump Taj Mahal is a clear choice for casino fun and action.